Thursday, September 26, 2013

Surprise Ending

Day 26 of 30 paintings in 30 days, and it started out  rough, but ended ok...
Acrylic, "A Pose",  10 x 8 inches on canvas panel
                                                                                         Available at DPWs
This painting started out life as a tree, a simple tree.  What started out as a simple painting tumbled out of control.  Got up early and had a small sketch I planned to quickly paint for today's painting.  It started out well but did that mistake that happens, went too far and lost the original idea.
where I started
Still interesting
A point to far

Should have stopped here, I wanted it abstract and colorful,  did I?  No...
Got to this point and just wasn't happy.  While it was still wet dumped some pinks and iridescent paints on it, scraped in some texture, and start over.  Love what I ended up with, so sometimes a failure and change of direction is a good thing!


  1. I think "A Pose" ended better than just "ok" - it's a charming painting - lovely palette - and as we say around our house "have you ever met a bird that isn't a character?" so I think the title adds extra charm to the painting.

    1. Thanks Jim, birds do have character. I have 4 bird feeds in my back yard and love watching the little battles they have trying to get the best spot at the feeder.