Friday, June 21, 2013

mini art videos

Thought I would share how to do a quick and easy video of your art.

First your need a digital camera,  and keep it handy to where you are painting.  I like and use a Nikon Coolpik. Take  picture of your starting point, and maybe also of what you are painting.
I use mainly single photos, to create my video from.  But you can also set up a camera and take video segments to link together for a full video.

Two: take more than one photo, never fails the one I think will turn out ends up blurry.  I usually take 3 photos at a time.

Next either set a timer of stop and take a photo when ever you notice a change in the character of your painting.  And don't be a scared to take photos at points that may not be a "perfect" looking spot in the painting process, working through those points are what makes the process interesting.

Download and edit pictures cropping to the same layout, and I also resize each photo to the same size, I like at least 1900 pixels and a DPI of 300.  I use IrFan View for my photo editing.  IrFan is program that can be down loaded off the net for free.

The video program I use is the basic Windows Movie Maker.

Remember to use music that is legal to use, if adding music.  Personally I prefer music to talking.  I use Dano Music because it is good music and has a lot of types to choose from.
Once you have you photos and music downloaded on your PC, open up the Movie editor and select the photos and music and import them to the Movie editor.
Then it is just the process of lining up the photos, dropping in the music, adding any extra transition, titles, or notes and saving the new video.  Remember to share it on youtube so everyone can see it!

Hope you have fun with this.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Schiros_art (playlist) Latest Video

Making your own video is as easy as take a lot of photos while painting.  The hard part is remembering to stop and pick up the camera with paint all over your hands :)