Thursday, February 11, 2010

A time for play and a time to study

A time to Play and a time to Study

I just wanted to share this project with you, to show there are many ways to approach a painting. My first and favorite way is spontaneously, but occasionally I do plan. Working on a portrait that will eventually be part of another painting, an art instructor suggested working on studies to determine what would work for my project. I was not happy about the idea because I tend to jump head first in to an idea. However, it was a good suggestion, and I thought I would share the process her with you. I worked out many little problems that now will not plague me on the large project. The colors of acrylics paint used are Payne’s grey and white, on wet media paper. Now having completed the painting in the size that I will need for the project and having worked out the values, I feel much more confident and ready to go on to the larger project.