Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take it and run with it

first printing

Take it and run with it…

Recently I took a Zentangle class, if you are not familiar with that, it is a form of ink drawing, based on patterns.  I was not sure where it would lead but found the process interesting.  Working with the ink drawings has managed to lead to new ideas, and that is why I love to take class and workshops when ever I can. 
   The class had a project of that involved drawing with white ink on black paper.  Look at the designs from the class I noticed that those patterns would make a good template for ink relief printing.  The reason for that is when printing you have to think in reverse of what the final print will look like.  Thought I would share some pictures of the process and where it is leading.  These are just the first in a series of ideas that will end up as finished art works. 
   Hope this inspires you to try some new projects.  For more information on Zentangle check out; http://www.zentangle.com/, an look for friends of Zentangle on Face Book.

white ink on black paper

rough lay out for print plan 

foam printing plate

another plate for print

first inking of a plate




and yet another idea

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Try it all

Media makes a difference

A simple subject, such as a dog profile can change significantly, depending on the art media used to express the subject.  For me the media often sets the tone of the feeling being created in the picture.  How you express with different tools is some thing to keep in mind when working on a subject.
With pen and ink detail and design sing out.  Ink and a summi brush will be loose and free spirited.  When using acrylic color and texture dominate.  But then if the paint is watercolor the mood and color will create a totally different style.  This is why I love to try new media, just to see what the media has to teach me.  There is something to learn from every tool we try.