Thursday, January 15, 2009

SO Much to DO

Usually Jan. is a cold, long, slow month. Well it is cold...but it is not slow. My show came down last Monday, and yep there are pictures left to pack up, but some did sell, too so I am happy. I have more room to store work, with a studio away from home. Started the month by moving into a space at Red Ink Flint. So far I like it, there is a freedom to working away from phones, no pets to step on wet paintings, and a lot more room!
Also started teaching a watercolor class,Boundless Art, Grand Blanc and I think I am learning as much, if not more that the students. To try and explain how something works, that you do a challenge.
This is going to really good, I am moving out of my comfort zone. Now that I have you all up on what's happening...on to some art work.

Painting with water.
I had some 8 by 10 inch illustration board and with just water, painted the out line of a person sitting. Then with a round brush very wet with color...started with yellow, just let the color drip into the pre-wet area. Added some green and red the same way.
I let that dry the did some finishing painting ............

Did one more starting the same way just finished it off...well different. These are ways to start something with a small idea and let the paint lead the way....