Thursday, July 9, 2009

Combining passions

Combining passions sometimes creates odd partners.
A few years ago I won first place in the women’s division of the state pistol competition, in Lansing MI. Competitive shooting, art, and gardening are all activities I deeply enjoy. And I have often tried to combine these activities. Gardening and art were simple to put together. The garden makes a wonderful back drop, and environment to for painting.
Finally, this year I managed to put the skill of shooting with art.
Last Wed. I dressed in my paint clothes, packed up my glock hand gun, acrylic paints, rice paper, plastic bags and tape and headed to the range. With the help of my husband we put together an easel/target stand and proceeded to make ART. This was the first attempt, but from one afternoon I have, one complete painting and the beginnings of several more.
The basic set up is to hang masa paper from one target stand at a close angle to a second target stand that has plastic bags filled with acrylic paint hanging off it.
Then the trick is hit the bags, (not the paper) and watch the paint fly. The hand gun produced large droplets, and a 12 gage shot gun made a fine mist of paint. As other shooters gathered, several different fire arms were suggested to try out and see what results they produced. I am looking forward to trying several different set ups next time out.
The most interesting aspect of this, is the combination of using the creative side of the mind, at the same time as, working with the discipline and skill of gun control. The fun part is not just making a huge mess, but listening to the hoots and calls from fellow shooters, saying things like “MORE BLUE..MORE RED …MORE TO THE RIGHT!”

Friday, July 3, 2009

Staying on track

I am trying to stay on track with my figure drawings. I pulled out a one minute drawing that I liked and plan to do at least 12 paintings from it. So far I have about 4 and it is amazing how different each one turns out. The paintings so far are ink on hot press paper, but after 12 are done, 2 or 3 will be worked up to acrylics on canvas.

This is another way to work around the “what do I do now” mode that often attacks us as artists. This may appear to be work but it is really turning out to be fun and an easy project to work on.