Saturday, June 27, 2015

Artwork, a multiple approach

Oil on canvas panel, 7x5 inch

I started this the other day and was having some trouble with the face.  To loosen up and get a better
feel for the subject, I took some paint; transparent red oxide and blue, and tried painting it on a gessoed paper, with a palette knife, (well some finger painting too :)
6 x 8 palette knife painting on gessoed watercolor paper

After I did this one I had a better feel for the look I wanted, but also liked this rough version.  So I photographed it, down loaded the photo and started manipulating it.  And really liked the digital version enough to add it to my FineartAmerica web site.
Digital Artwork

All of my digital artwork is based on an original painting or drawing.  An is an example of how one idea can be worked multiple ways to get an unique work of art.

Thank you for looking