Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New from Old

Ok this is done now.
  I like to leave a painting that I think is complete, setting out where I can view it daily for a while.  Often paintings I thought were done when I first put the brushes away, tell me a different story after viewing for a while.  Even paintings that do look finished will give me ideas for a new painting.  This is an example of one that I thought was done but as it set out it realized it need more.
Another reason I like to view them is to see if they keep my interest, it is a huge part of a good painting. 

This is a follow up to that last blog the painting that started a small series, and in the end the original even changed.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

And Then There was Three

the third of three, 10 by 8 inch oil on canvas panel
The other night I got out the water based oils and did a practice, the basic still life. 
Not having use oils in a while decided to keep going, but on another painting.  So I decide to see where I could go with the same basic objects, and one addition.  The addition was the fun object that really got me going.  So now there three and I see a little series getting started here.  
the first of three 10 by 8 inch oil on canvas panel

the second of three 10 x 8 inch oils

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One more adventure in printing

White ink on Black paper
  I have 2 more weeks to my printing class; it is going by so fast. The class is at The Flint Institute of Arts, and is taught by Bill Stolpin, great teacher check out his web site:
  The class started with easy print methods, using scratch foam, and easy cut rubber, both fun and easy to work with.   We moved on to lino cuts and wood cuts, which are harder but can give you great detail.  Of course now I look at everything and think huh can I carve and print that.  
   Found out cheap foam plates work, don’t last long but you can get a few prints out of them.  Last night I noticed some kids craft foam, and had to give it a try.  Well it was no fun to carve just wanted to crumple up, but being stubborn did it anyways.  I did it but don’t plan to do another, really not worth the work involved. Got an interesting print out of it and just thought I would share.  
white ink on red paper
Also here is my very first woodcut, there will be more to come of this method.
black in on white paper

on red paper

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cat Printing and Musings on Art

Cat helped printing
The Cat Artist…..I just want to share the finished work from my last post.  Also, sharing the secret of how the last print was completed.  I started with a red printing of my design and planned the second layer to be a light teal color.  I completed 12 prints that I proudly set a side to dry, when my crazy domestic Bengal cat managed to sneak into the studio and proceed to pounce on the drying pile of prints.  Six prints survived and 6 others had a variety of paw prints added.  After chasing my four legged painting partner out, I gather up the ruined prints and started to throw them out.  Throwing out art work in hard to do and I just could not let them drop in to the trash can.  So, I rolled out some fresh black ink and added one more layer.  Well, I guess my cat had a better plan than mine; the last six prints are now my favorite.

test print of the top layer
where I had planned to stop
printing over a mono print, there is a cat under that top pattern
My musing for the day….It is interesting looking at the printing I have been doing, I think the designs could be worked up in photo shop or cut and pasted from glossy magazine art.  But, the process of carving the lines and rolling the ink is what makes this art work.  Viewing the work you can see the texture of the ink, that slight rise and sheen that it creates and that is the character of relief printing.  I just hope that young artists don’t get cut short by technology and miss the process, that part of creating that comes only from working with ink covered hands.
And I always finish my printing day with a finger paint mono print from the left over ink.