Monday, May 13, 2013

From Pencil to Paint

20 x 16 inches oil on canvas

To follow up on my last post, thought I would share the first painting from my last sketching session.  I picked the drawing I liked the best, then drew a grid over it to help decide the lay out.
 From that I sectioned off the area I wanted to redraw on my canvas.  Then I did a quick acrylic painting to use as an under painting.  For the under painting I used Matisse back ground acrylics they are matte and have more tooth that regular acrylics.  When the under paint was totally dry (gave it 24 hours), I finished it in oil.  Used Weber water mixable oils starting with brush work then finished with a palette knife for a little more texture. 


Friday, May 10, 2013

Need an Idea

I did not feel like getting the paints out last night, but need to do something!
Sitting on the sofa with my cat, I just picked up a pad and pencil and started drawing.
Each drawing is the same cat, just in a slightly different pose. 
Every time the cat moved I added to the sketch, until I filled the page.
This started as just something to do, but I like one drawing enough to plan a painting around.  So when you have a few minutes, grab a pencil and just start filling a page on a pad.  You never know where your next painting idea will come from. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second Hand Find

20 x 16 oil on canvas "Last Pear"

Found a wonderful statue at a local shop I just had to get.  It is an amorphous female form that I thought would be interesting to paint.  What I have found interesting, is for how simple a form it is, it is difficult to paint.  I find myself trying to add more information to it than what is really there.  Thought I would share some of the work I have done.
the Satue
quick acrylic painting
quick charcaol
Acrylic thought I would add hair, why not?
another acrylic 10 x 8 inches