Sunday, November 22, 2015

Always Something to Paint

Acrylic on canvas 6 x 6 inches  Geranium 1
Acrylic on canvas 6 x 6 inch Geranium 2
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 The subject for these 2 paintings were a some Geraniums I pick outside a Holiday Inn I was staying at for a short trip I took this Fall.

  I was restless and  really wanted to paint something, so I took a short walk and noticed the flowers still in bloom outside the hotel entrance.  So, I helped myself to a couple of blooms and went back to my room, grabbed on of those cheap plastic cups and set the flowers up on a window sill and started painting.  The first painting was done in the room that evening.  The second painting I used the original painting as a starting point reference.
  The idea is if you love painting you can always find something of interest to work from.

Friday, November 13, 2015

New toy new paintings

Just fell in love with a new product from Princeton Brushes; Catalyst paint blades.  Started the following 2 paintings with this new tool.
10 x8 inches Acrylic 
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8 x8 inch Acrylic
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    The blades are basically rubber palette knifes and great for roughing in an under-painting.  
This is the beginning of my next one using this method...

Here is the subject, soon to be another finished painting.  Prefer so far painting with these on the a smooth board, letting the under painting dry then when finishing with detail.

Thanks for looking