Monday, April 22, 2013

Found Things

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     Painting everyday is important, but sometimes it is difficult to do.
Often it is finding time and motivation to paint. I have two suggestions for that.
     First, find a friend to paint with, getting together with another artist will spark enthusiasm, because there is nothing better that bouncing ideas off another painter.
     Next setting up the perfect arrangement is great, but sometimes time simply gets in the way of that.  Face it I can easily spend an hour or more arranging and rearranging stuff.
So don’t be afraid to just paint the first thing you see that looks interesting.  The painting above is an example of that.  I was at my best friends house (a fellow painter), finished the work I had planned to do and had time left.  So I just glanced around the living room and started painting objects I randomly spotted.  The plant vase was on top of a shelf, the bottle and little house were objects in a cabinet.  I guess I just arranged them in my head, for some reason that was easier to do than really moving them physically around.
   Hope that these little ideas will get you going and those brushes moving.

What I looked at to do the painting........


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 11 inches

     I have been trying to work in series of three this year.
  Most of the time that involves painting a theme three times, each picture different, yet related in subject. This time I decided to paint the same subject 3 times. 
     I put a bundle of Chrysanthemums in a bottle and started painting.
They all started out pretty much alike and only varied toward the end of my painting section.  What I noticed that the flowers were an abundant portion of the paintings. As I finished each one, that changed slightly.  In one I actually shrunk the flowers by pulling in more of the dark back ground color, in another I tried to balance the volume of flowers by adding a pear in at the bottom. The original painting I left as it was.
     Painting is all about learning with each canvas you do, this turned out to be a good learning session, being pleased with each one.   This could be something to try and see what you can discover from it.

14 x 11 acrylic on canvas

6 x 6 on acrylic on panel
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