Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Painting exercises

A collage of 4 individual paintings in acrylic

There are many ways to approach painting, many rules and ideas.  But there is only one rule I follow, make it fun!   Ok, really two, paint often.   Some days I need a little push, or should I say a bit of a challenge.  On Daily Paint Works web site they have weekly challenges that are fun to drop in on.
   Today I picked the 10minute challenge to warm up with. (Oh no forgot rule three, warm up before painting anything serious.)

    I picked 4 acrylic colors, white, and gold fluid Dick Blick brand, and teal, and moonglow (dark violet) from Daniel Smith.  Then spread out 4 sheets of black canvas paper Fredix canvas, and pick a little wood deer as my subject.  I then set a time for 10 minutes and started painted, giving my self a about 2 and a half minutes per sheet.

my subject

Half way through I did move and turn my deer to continue on for the last couple.
This is a great way to get in the painting mood, no time to worry or fuss, get get the paint moving, give it a try, you will have fun.

     One more challenge from yesterday,  "Clouds"
                                                 Aailable at DPWs

 DPWs keeps challenges open for a while so you have several to pick from.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sharing the process

Thought I would share the steps involved in making my latest seascape.  
"A Dusting of Yellow"  Oil on canvas,  9 x 12 inches
                                 Available at DPWs

I started with a combination of texture and color combinations.  The texture is a mixture of oil paint, pigment and egg yoke, this mixture is nice because it dries at the same rate as the rest of the oil painting.  I put down my dominate color of blue and a point of red as a focal point.

Then a layer of yellow high light is added to bring back in light and warmth.    
The third step was to develop structure.  The last step is to refine the painting over all.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Emails and art

9 x12 inches, watercolor on Arches watercolor paper
                                                                        Available at DPWs

One of the best things about being a painter is sharing a bit of your self.  Every time I send a painting out, I am sending a part of myself out.  Some times a painting will go out and all you know is where it is headed, other times sending a painting out creates a new friendship.   It is a nice surprise when an email comes back about the painting.  I have had emails with pictures of the art hanging in a new home, and emails with simply interesting photos and information about buyers. 
Recently a new friend in CA sent photos of her pomegranate harvest.  This was really interesting to me, living here in MI there are no pomegranates growing, so seeing them fresh was pretty cool.  Having a new idea of what they look like growing gave me the push to try painting them. Thought I would share the new painting with you.
6 x 6 inches Oil on Ampersand clay panel

                                                                               Available at DPWs

And here is a photo of one of my paintings framed and hanging in a new home: