Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Painting exercises

A collage of 4 individual paintings in acrylic

There are many ways to approach painting, many rules and ideas.  But there is only one rule I follow, make it fun!   Ok, really two, paint often.   Some days I need a little push, or should I say a bit of a challenge.  On Daily Paint Works web site they have weekly challenges that are fun to drop in on.
   Today I picked the 10minute challenge to warm up with. (Oh no forgot rule three, warm up before painting anything serious.)

    I picked 4 acrylic colors, white, and gold fluid Dick Blick brand, and teal, and moonglow (dark violet) from Daniel Smith.  Then spread out 4 sheets of black canvas paper Fredix canvas, and pick a little wood deer as my subject.  I then set a time for 10 minutes and started painted, giving my self a about 2 and a half minutes per sheet.

my subject

Half way through I did move and turn my deer to continue on for the last couple.
This is a great way to get in the painting mood, no time to worry or fuss, get get the paint moving, give it a try, you will have fun.

     One more challenge from yesterday,  "Clouds"
                                                 Aailable at DPWs

 DPWs keeps challenges open for a while so you have several to pick from.

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