Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beyond the demonstration

   I did some acrylic painting workshops last year and had a few demo paintings left over.
In the workshop we sectioned off a 20 x 16 canvas and did a different technique in each area.  
the students in the class got the concept of the techniques very well, the hard part was getting them to use consistent colors for each section, so it would all tie together as a piece as a whole.  But, face it we as painters are all like a kid in a candy store when it come to having a range of paint colors to pick from. 
   I decided instead of just painting gesso over them I would see where I could expand the work.  
Thought I would share the process of two of these paintings.

The first one was near done so there was not a lot to do to it...

Finishing it off with some extra mark making.   

The second sections were complete, but it still had the tape on it.

I added some over all color to get rid of the white.
Next I added some overlapping shapes and lines.
Finished it off with more lines and shapes.

 The pair done

This is a third one that started out the the same from a demo that I took further.