Sunday, July 31, 2011

Color Please

I love doing this style of abstract painting; it is like putting a puzzle together.
This can be done in watercolor or acrylic.  If you use acrylic, fluid acrylics work the best.
The trick is to let the colors flow and blend on the paper or board (I am using Aqua boards in the examples. Blowing on the colors will help direct drips and runs.  But the key to making it work is to really plan your color choices first and then stick to them.  The main colors; magenta, crimson red, viridian green, Quinacridone gold, (golden fluid acrylics) teal and Indian red ink.  The first time you do this try using just 3 colors.  Limiting the colors will help prevent ending up with a puzzle in shade of mud.  Wet your paper or board in random areas, then drop colors in not letting them touch until you tilt and move the paper.  When you get some interesting colors and drips set it aside and let it dry.  There should be distinct colors, blended colors, and plenty of white spots in random shapes with a far amount of drips. I also just use one large flat brush and a disposable pipette, because at this point I want the picture to paint it’s self in the water.

   After it is dry, start painting in colors, mixing some neutral colors from the ones you started with adding white or black to create light and dark neutrals.  Let that dry completely.

     The last step is to add some detail, I use paint markers.  Also, Working on more than one at a time, help pass the time as each one is drying.

my tools that start the painting.
randomly wet areas
the first drops of colors, I usually start with just 2 colors.
one more color and some more swirling.
My colors choices, for the 3 boards I will work up.
drops and swirls
more drops
more drips
Starting to add more color

the three mid way thru   
One done 2 more to go.
An example in watercolor and ink

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slide shows

Found a site,  TripAdvisor TripWow, that you can down load photos to to create a slide show.  It is a fun way to show of art work even though it was set up for travel photos.  Just another way to use the digital shots that are saved on the home PC.  You can check mine out at the link below:  

Original Paintings Michigan Artist Slideshow

Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

  May have to do one of my garden next time.