Wednesday, January 6, 2010



What to do when you just cannot fall asleep. Give up and put it to work.

The other night I just could not fall a sleep. Not particular reason why and luckily I did not have to be up early the next day. I gave up, got up and then went to the studio and started messing around.

I have a few tubes of water-soluble oils but really know very little about how to use them. Being curious as to how well they mix and how long they take to dry I set up a chart. Using a cheap canvas panel sectioned off into a grid, I started mixing colors with a pallet knife, making notes on colors and brands. I dated the chart, and have left it to dry.

So far, I have learned that Holbein Duo dries the fastest about 4 days, unless mixed with white. Artisan is the slowest. White seems to slow the drying process mixed with any color. I also found that mixing a small amount of water into the oils reduces shine and dries faster. Also that mixing a small amount of acrylic white paint in really speeds up the drying process but produces a matte finish.

I also did a small painting with the oils…not bad for one nights work. After that, I fell soundly asleep form 6 am to noon, and did not feel the least bit guilty. After all, I did accomplish something that night.

Just thought I would share my insomniac adventure with you.