Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One more adventure in printing

White ink on Black paper
  I have 2 more weeks to my printing class; it is going by so fast. The class is at The Flint Institute of Arts, and is taught by Bill Stolpin, great teacher check out his web site:
  The class started with easy print methods, using scratch foam, and easy cut rubber, both fun and easy to work with.   We moved on to lino cuts and wood cuts, which are harder but can give you great detail.  Of course now I look at everything and think huh can I carve and print that.  
   Found out cheap foam plates work, don’t last long but you can get a few prints out of them.  Last night I noticed some kids craft foam, and had to give it a try.  Well it was no fun to carve just wanted to crumple up, but being stubborn did it anyways.  I did it but don’t plan to do another, really not worth the work involved. Got an interesting print out of it and just thought I would share.  
white ink on red paper
Also here is my very first woodcut, there will be more to come of this method.
black in on white paper

on red paper

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