Monday, September 9, 2013

Another day another painting

Day nine:
Oil on gallery wrap canvas, 8 x 8 inches, "A Lone"
                                           Available at DPWs
The tree sits in a field across from home.  
To paint this I picked that tree up and put it in the land I remember see while visiting California.  
It is fun to rearrange land in your mind, even better than rearranging the furniture at home :)



  1. AhHAH! I can comment now! You changed your format? Your painting stood out for me again on Leslie's site...I enjoy your use of color and playfulness. I will email you directions on how to get rid of the "prove you're not a robot thingy," since you asked me about it on my blog.

    1. Thanks Meredith, got rid of the robot thingy, thanks so much for your help!

    2. You are very welcome and I should thank YOU for getting rid of the robot thingy! And thank you for your kind comment on my blog...