Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 15

Today is cold and raining, beginning of a typical Michigan fall season.  Needed something to change my mood today.  Thought about how happy I am when spring comes and painted to that idea.  The subject came to mind quickly; Magnolia tree flowers.
A12 x 9 inches, Acrylic on canvas, "Spring in a Bottle"
 Available at DPWs

     Once I knew what to paint, I needed a plan.  Knowing there would be a lot of white and light shades in the painting, decided to use an opposite for the base; a black canvas.
     Wanting to have a softness to it, most of the painting was done by a technique called scrubbing.  Using a mainly a hog bristle brush the paint is put down with a scrubbing motion. 
 I would let one layer of color dry then scrub in the next. 
 Only a few fluid brush strokes were used here and there for detail.
   It is always good to have an idea and a plan of attack when you are painting:)
   Made it half way into the 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge!


  1. Hi Mary, This caught my eye before I knew it was yours (in my newsfeed). I love how you handled the warmer colors against the cooler colors. Beautiful!

  2. Love this painting. The colours sing.