Friday, September 27, 2013

Ideas from many directions

Day 27, and just decided to have some fun.
"Seesaw"  Acrylic on canvas panel, 5 x 7 inches
                                                                                           Available at DPWs
     I did some drawing a few days ago of faces, focusing on the  asymmetry of features.  I find it interesting to look at a person's face and notice differences from one side to the other.  Most obvious is usually the eyes.  If you don't want people to feel uneasy by staring at them, try pausing a TV show and study those faces.  Raise your hand up, and block one side of the face from view, then do that to the other side.  Sometimes it will look almost like two different people.
     Many years ago I made my living as a hair stylist, and learned right away never try to balance a hair cut by measuring the distance from the ears, trust me people's ears not level, and sometimes it is amazing the difference.
    One of my favorite painters is Pablo  Picasso, thought  he would be a good muse for this painting.

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