Sunday, January 13, 2013

Time for Landscapes

Setting Sun,  Acrylic on Canvas paper,  8 x 10 inches
 Available at Daily Paintworks

 Day 12 of 30 painting in 30 days
Wanted to loosen up and play more in acrylics.  Thought some small landscapes would be the ticket.  The next few days I will be adding these to my growing group of work in the 30 paintings in 30 days tab.

   With this type of painting I put down a quick idea, lights and darks on an already orange tinted sheet of canvas paper and go from there. 
The start of any good painting should be a good abstract.
   Sometimes the starting idea is an abstract I leave alone, but other times I venture farther into the idea to see where it leads.
   I just remind myself, it is only paper and paint, see where it can go.
   Tip for the day:  do not be afraid to make mistakes, you can always work through them or simply start again


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