Monday, May 28, 2012

Art Series

the 3 completed, lined up out on the patio 


I made a resolution this year to paint in series of three.
Some times I end up with 3 paintings that are wonderful and go well together.
Other times it takes 3 tries to get what I want.  So far I am learning a great deal from painting this way and plan to keep working with this practice.
   With my last series of three, I ended up two that are perfect together and one that got painted over.  But even with the one that didn’t work out, it started me in another direction. 
  The two I like I call more sky writing, the idea that everything about the world is there before our eyes, only in a language we can not read yet.  The one that I painted over fell away from that direction and frankly reminded me of a bad Bob Ross painting.  But after painting over about 2 thirds of it I saw an ocean pattern developing and decided to start writing by waves.
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the 2 keepers

last look before saying good bye
painting over what I did not like
the remake in process

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