Saturday, September 12, 2015

Changing Mediums

Day 10 of 30 in 30
"Big Flower Little Vase"  14 x 11 watercolor
                                                                                       Click to Bid

Relaxing and enjoying watercolors.

Day 11....
"Sunlit Stream"  11 x 14 watercolor
                                                                                   Click to Bid

After 2 days of working with my portable watercolor palette, I notice how similar the two paintings looked even thought they were different subjects.  So going back to a still-life decided to change palette and medium.  Wanted to address the sunflower but with acrylics.
Day 12.....
16 x 12 inches, "Hidden Poppy" Acrylic on watercolor paper
                                                                                  Click to Bid

I am always amazed by how much the medium we paint with influences the painting style.


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  1. I love all of these, I really love the light and airy feel to the big sunflower :)