Friday, January 23, 2015

Pink Sunshine

Day 23 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge...
10 x 8 inch, Acrylic on canvas,  "Pink Sunshine"
                                                              AVAILABLE AT DPWS

This was fun, for one reason it is January in Michigan, and I was in need of something cheerful.
Also this is painted on a canvas I did some pretreating to, for the last 30 in 30 challenge.
There is a Youtube video on how to prep canvas with alcohol and acrylic paint.  The video has a cameo appearance of one of my cats too :)

Happy Painting


  1. Mary, I love catching up on your blog. I honestly think you are one of the most creative, imaginative artists around! I love that you work in different media and try new things. You are truly an inspiration, and you must be psychic, too, for visiting my blog today...for I was thinking of you this morning, even peeked at your gallery when I was looking at DPW...and then I find you commented on my blog! I hope you are enjoying the 30 in to you...Meredith Oh! Almost forgot to tell you, I think the painting above is gorgeous and fun!

  2. These are so sweet and happy! Smiling over here :)