Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Evaluation of Art

    For some reason this seems to be the month I am taking time to evaluate many of my paintings.  Some paintings tend to linger longer than others in my studio, either because I don’t feel they are finished enough to show, or they just do not fit into shows that are currently going on.  A type of painting that tends to accumulate, are paintings of nudes.  The opportunity to show these paintings, do not come along often.  With that, this is one that I have had for awhile and decided it was time for it to go.  

The canvas has some interesting texture that I wanted to work with.  But the best way to over paint a painting is to turn it upside down so the old painting does not influence the new work.  
I turned the canvas upside down and spread roughly mixed white, magenta, and red over the canvas, letting some of the texture show thru.  I was in the mood for a red painting today.  Standing back and looking at the mix of white and red, my first impression was the rough outline of a vase, so I went with that idea.  

    I painted this with the idea of cutting the canvas down to a smaller size and stretching it.  Can not decide at this time what size it will be but letting it sit where I can view it for a few days should help me make up my mind.  The canvas is 18 x 18 inches, it may end up 14 x 14 ….maybe.

Just thought I would share what I have been up to.
    My next show will be at Health Park, Grand Blanc MI.  Setting it up Saturday August 24th, and will be up about 3 months.  


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