Thursday, July 25, 2013

One More

Final painting; "Sunflower in the Wind",  6 x 6 inches, oil on wood panel, (right side up)

Well another day another oops to share. 

This one I showed my husband and his comment was your not going to tell anyone you did that?  Ah yep I am!

 I have been working on a series of sunflower paintings while the flowers are blooming.  

Finished up this little oil, painted on a 6 x6 an Ampersand artist panel, and was pretty pleased with it.
before I looked at the back!

One problem, the panel has a wonderful hanging slot the back side of the panel, and when I went to hang it today the slot was on the side instead of the top…oops

So when you grab a panel to paint, make sure if it has a hanging hole in the back make sure it is at the top, before you start painting.

I spent some time correcting the painting still really like it so it was a good save.


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