Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Learning from the Cosmos

A View of the Cosmos, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches

Yep I studied the Cosmos and learned something today.  This is my week to share simple painting mistakes.  I paint a lot so I make a lot of mistakes.  I thought writing about them as soon as they happen would be fun to do, might give you a chuckle or two. 
    While walking around my garden this morning spotted a couple of cosmos flowers that had popped up between my bean plants.  Loved the color and how delicate they looked so I picked one and brought it in to paint.  Being so excited about the new little subject, I put it in a cup and started a painting.  I got one small painting done, went on to do a second painting. As I was painting noticed my flower on the canvas seemed much larger than the actual flower. 
Thought that was strange but kept painting.  Next I noticed the distinctive pointed edges of the flower had just disappeared.  Well, here is my mistake for the day:  if you pick a flower to paint, remember to put it in water!  Yep I stopped and added some water to the cup and what do you know, my flower uncurled and came right back to life. 
 Three done, off to add a 4th.  Using an 18 x 24 canvas pad for these little studies, the ones I like will be cut and matted and listed later on to Daily Paint Works.


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