Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thrift stores and still life

Cool Savings, 8 x 10 inches, Canvas panel

Available on DWP

      Ever second hand shop?   I love to visit thrift stores, second hand shops, the Goodwill, Salvation Army store and look for odd and interesting objects to paint.  I use them for a while, then donate them back. That way I can enjoy them, then pass them on again. I have gotten some strange looks, because I will actually pick up a few things and spend some time right in the store setting them up in a still life arrangement. 
    The piggy bank in this painting is one of those things I found.  The little guy caught my eye and reminded me of when I was young.   My first bank was a glass pig that I slowing filled up and later opened my first bank account with those savings.  I wonder if kids still do that now?
    With this little painting I wanted to create something classic and childish at the same time.  
   Just thought I would share my thought process on this one.


  1. I am really enjoying this still life! Lovely work! Gotta love those warm colors!

    Intriguing process too.. never thought about picking stuff up from second hand stores for still life set ups. Great idea! :)

    Oh and those sun glasses on the piggy look awesome! :D

  2. Thanks Saket. I have to smile right now because I just finished a second painting and just when it was done my cat jumped into the middle of the set up and sent one of the glass objects flying. If that had been something expensive I would have been really upset, but now I can just laugh at my smug looking cat as I sweep the mess up :)