Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Season Art

Fall Leaves Ink 1

I Love Fall

When the leaves start falling, it is time to start those wonderful fall pictures.
A few days ago, I gathered a few leaves of various shapes and put them in books to
flatten then out and get them a little dryer.  When I had some time I spread them out on
Arranging leaves to trace on paper
drawing paper, in random arrangements and traced the outlines, some over lapping others
to make it interesting.  Then I got out my favorite ink markers, a mix of Faber-Castell Pitt
pens and Picma Micron by Sakura, both are permanent and don’t tend to bleed through
the paper.  Then just took my time creating interesting patterns in each shape.  These drawings help me to focus on composition and pattern.  I limit the colors to keep my focus there.  This is an interesting and relaxing exercise that makes some unusual works of art.  Latter I will use this idea but use some watercolor paper that has been already painted with fall a background in fall colors.  This is a fun fall project, now go collect some leaves and give it a try.

one out line arrangement
Another outline arrangement. pencil on drawing paper

Starting to fill in shapes with patterns
Fall Leaves Ink 2, 11 by 14 inches

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