Saturday, August 27, 2011

Follow up to color please

A few weeks ago I post the blog “More Color Please”, where I start 3 painting using color swirls and drips.  Two painting turned out just right, the 3rd was lacking something.  After letting it sit for awhile I decided to attack it with a fresh start.  The painting was interesting but to me just look too swirly (is that a word?).  So I had 2 choices, one gesso over and start fresh, or readdress the painting as it was. 
   I decided it needed some geometry to break up the curves, so I used folded newspaper and planned where square and rectangles would go.  Once I found a lay-out I liked, I taped the outlines, and rubbed opaque paint in those areas, while it was wet scraped in some designs.  After that dried I added some direction lines, and then glazed over some of the boxy areas to change the tone. 
   This one is now pleasing to me and was saved from the gesso….
(Never give in, never give up…think I heard that in some movie)
This is where I stopped, when working on the 3.  

paper shapes for planning some geometry

  the newspaper works well, because it is neutral in contrast to all the color in the painting.

   pressed the tape down smooth for good lines
paint on and tape off


finished and happy now
almost there...

close up of scrapping into the wet paint

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