Monday, November 17, 2014

Using all the paint

When I am painting there is always paint left on my palette.  If it is acrylic, no big deal, let it dry and peel off the paint skin for collage work, watercolor let it dry it can be rewetted later.  But when it is oil I just have to do something with it.
Sometimes I start a new painting using the left over for my rough sketch.  Other times I just play.  The photo above is an example, some doodling with left over oil on some Arches oil paper.  Kind of liked it it so I saved it.  After the next painting I finished added that left over oil to the doodle....
So far so good, did the same thing after another painting.....
Ok now this doodle is getting serious, decided to finish it up as a painting...
Once this is dry I plan to mount the oil paper to a panel.  That is unless anyone has any info on how to frame Arches oil paper, I am new to this material.  Any suggestions please send them my way, would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Wish I could help, but I am not experienced with the materials, either. You could check out AMIEN or WetCanvas for ideas, though. I just popped over to say hello. I was looking around at your DPW gallery, and you have some pretty wonderful work going on! I always love your imaginative use of color. Always!

    BTW, coincidentally, last night I redesigned my blog and it looks quite similar set-up wise to yours!