Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cats, cats and more cats

A friend ask me to paint her daughter's cat.  I told her give me photo and I will work one up.
Well I got a couple photos, and they are "challenging" photos :)  Decided to dive in and give it a try.
Because the photo was a little rough, decided to go to my comfort zone media;  watercolors.

Pulled out a full sheet of watercolor paper, divided it into quarters, and just dove in.
Have a personal favorite out of the first 4 paintings,  and found myself really enjoying working with the watercolors.
Having fun and not really sure this was one my friend would like, pulled out another sheet, divided it up and did some more.  Also decided to work up at least one of my photos for my self.
By the time I was on the second sheet, ended up with two that my friend will probably like.
By now I was on a roll and just wanted to keep going....
Think my friend did me a favor,  got me going on watercolors that I had been ignoring for some time.
This is where I stopped today.
11 x 14 inches, Over the Shoulder.
Added this one to my DPWs site.

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