Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three more colors...

"Green Perch"  Acrylic on watercolor paperAvailable at DPWs
Today was a very busy day, but did one more color theme this morning.  Today I used a very scary color; Phthalo Blue, it was Daniel Smith brand, but brand really does not matter, Phthalo is a strong staining color by any brand.  The other two colors were Hansa Yellow Deep, and Quinacridone Violet both Daniel Smith brand.  The yellow was a strong enough color to mix with Phthalo, but I was surprised that the violet as transparent as it was.  I also use white, but do not count that as a color, just a color adjuster.
Sparrows were hanging on the sunflower stems, in between fighting over seeds, so this was a fast little painting.  For some reason the birds were not very good models, may have been because my cat was also watching them.
   After getting my morning painting done, I spent the afternoon at the Flint Institute of Art for an open house,  painting of course :)  So, all in all, this busy day was a lot of fun.  I plan to share the open house paintings tomorrow.

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