Thursday, July 26, 2012


this is a practice in abstraction
Sometimes I play.....

Other times I become more serious and do some work that is deep in thought and meditation.
"A Moment in Time"
What I mean by that is; the act of painting a simple feeling.  I keep a thought or mood in my mind and let it happen on the canvas.

   The way I approach this sometimes is by working over a previously painted canvas.  Both painting shown here are on the same canvas, the still-life is the latest and final version.  Working on a canvas that already has structure and color, adds freedom to explore, and experiment.  And there are touches of each work still present.  Keeping a small section peeking out from the old to the new.  And texture, lots of texture, each work builds into the next.
   Just wanted to share another look into how I paint.

the final work in complete and now on my website.

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