Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more motivation

Fall is moving in here fast, October feels more like November this year. Knowing the fall season will move

too quickly, I used what good days we have to get some reference photos and some outside painting in.

The last wild flowers to bloom in my yard are the Jerusalem Artichokes, so the weather determined my subject matter for me this week. The last blooms of these flowers I captured with acrylic outside.

While working on this I noticed my neighbors starting to put away the wonderful lawn decoration

they use all summer. They have two large metal birds that I have admired all this year, and contemplated painting. So before they could drag them in for the winter I ask permission to get some drawings done on them.

With paper and pencils and charcoal, and grabbing as an after thought some ink and sumi brushes

I headed for they’re yard. After sitting and just viewing the birds I realized the only media that would work

was the ink. So to make a long story short… I let the weather motivate me and the subjects determine the media.

Sometimes you just have to let things happen, everyday life can present an abundance of motivation, subject and creativity.

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