Sunday, March 12, 2017

Figures and faces

Finishing up by series of 100 figures.  Thought I would share another collage photo of some of them.  

Working on the the last of the 100, and will post another group photo soon, but here is a peek at something I finished today..

10 by 8 inches, "Rewired" Acrylic on wood panel. Available at MarySchiros.artspan
Art tip:  Ever have a painting not turn out like you really wanted it?  Don't get discouraged by that happening, use it as a jumping point to try something new out.  This painting started out as a bit more typical face....
It was fun but just not what I wanted, so I decided to see where I could go using it as a starting point.  Wanted the face to say something more than here I am.  Started thinking where do I see people, what are they usually doing?  If you look around when you are out and about, most people are staring in to phones now a days.  I thought about the phones, thought about the face and put the two together.  Hope you like it.

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  1. Love the changes, very thought provoking.