Saturday, January 16, 2016

Study of trees

For the last few days I have spent my focus on tree studies in ink.  I am planning a large ink painting for my living room, mainly of pine trees.  But before starting the large painting I wanted to spend some time getting comfortable with my subject.

Amber Fringe,  11 x 14 inches
Although this is not pines it is my favorite of the studies I have done so far.  This painting was completed with shellac based inks, like these they are a bit thicker and also dry faster than acrylic or standard india inks.
   With ink as with most water media paints working in layer is a good plan.  Thought I would share a few of the studies showing 2 layer of each one.

These 2 studies I started with walnut ink, a dark brown ink that dries like watercolors, not permanent so it can be lifted until the work is sealed.  Added some acrylic ink washes for the final steps.

For the last one I used acrylic ink and tried to approach the subject in an abstract style.


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