Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spilled Paint

Ever open a tube of paint, only to have about half the tube come squirting out.  Well,  I have, just a couple weeks ago, Old Holland cad. orange.  But I did not let it go to waste....
Pale Ride, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16 inches.  the orange adds a warm glow to this painting.
This is one of the finished paintings from that accident.  After the paint plopped out on to my palette and hands, I grabbed several blank canvases and starting priming them with the orange.  Mixing a little clear gesso with acrylic makes a fine base to paint over with either acrylic or oil paint.

2 of 6 canvas that got primed with the orange acrylic and gesso.
Some I added more color and some modeling paste and really had fun.
Just because the canvas starts out very orange, often the painting only shows a bit of that orange.
16 x 20 inches

While other paintings I let the orange show in all it's glory :)

16 x 8 inches oil Middle of the Pine

16 x 8 inches Right of the Middle

16 x 8 inches Left of the Middle
So to make a long story short.....never waste your paint :)


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