Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Capturing a Moment

Sometimes the perfect picture just suddenly appears.  Or in this case it was the "purrfect" picture.
It has been really cold here in Michigan, below zero last night.   So we had a nice fire going in our wood burning stove, the cats playing in the living room, just a nice evening.  Well my old cat, Hanna wore herself out and stretched out by the stove.  Lucky foe me, I had my Arches watercolor pad and pen handy.  And Hanna stayed still long enough for me to get an ink drawing done.....

This morning I finished the work with a watercolor wash and posted the original on Etsy for sale, and on Zazzle for prints.
Here is the finished work.........
9 x 12 ink and watercolor onArches hot press paper, Matted to 11 by 14 inches, "The Yarn Wins"

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