Thursday, February 28, 2013

Painting a Placemat

    Sometimes a painting just flows off the brush, other times not so much.  Today I painted with an attitude of stubbornness. 
    I could not decide how I wanted to represent this basic still-life, abstract vs. realism.  Not making that basic decision left me feeling incomplete, and the painting looks incomplete to me because of that. 
    But two good things about a session like this is, I learned something; either let a painting happen, which usually leads to an interesting abstract style, or plan for an outcome.  Planning for me involves doing some thumb nail sketches, then set out what my color theme will be. 
   This painting will most likely end up being sealed, then used a placemat for the kitchen table, (at least it will have a function). I will let it set for a 24 hour rest “time-out”, and then decide.  That doesn’t mean I won’t paint this basic little vase and daylily again, I will.  Today was just not the day I have a painting that will go in a frame. 
   I will share all the stages and changes this poor baby went through, why not, may give you some idea how much a painting can change in the process of painting.


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