Saturday, December 6, 2008

life goes on

Life goes on up, down, and luckily back up again. I mentioned once that I had a solo show cancelled because of budget cuts where it was planned to be hung.
Well, it finally happened, another place another time, and all is well. Boundless Arts gallery and art supply is a happy home to a number of my paintings till Jan.09
Never give up, never give in, I think it is a line from some movie but I like it.
The hardest thing about getting work together for the show was putting together a theme. My stuff tends to be all over the place on subject matter, but
“Domestic Nature” worked pulled a good mix that fell into that theme; dogs, cats, horses, and flowers. Here are a few paintings from the show:

If you are thinking of doing a solo show, plan to spend some time and money on frames.
I had a lot of help from Kelly at Jagged Edge Gallery and framing shop in Fenton MI.
A good framer can help set a painting off....matting scares the tar out of me.
You can learn a lot about your work when you have to present it as a group, hope it something that every painter gets the chance to do.


  1. Stick with a neutral mat 2-3inches wide and you can't go wrong. I'm living proof you can learn to cut them yourself!

    I agree a solo show is a challenge and the time and $$ of framing is daunting but having a good framer is wonderful.

  2. Hi,

    I like the horses and the second flower, namely the chosen chroma and the values.

    Kind regards,


  3. congrats on the show. I really love the colors you use in your flowers!