Friday, August 15, 2008

A hard way to learn

August 11, 2008  the day my first "solo" show was planned to hang, ended being one of the best learning experiences I had had yet in art. The show was canceled.
I found out a week before, that the site was ending the art programs they had been supporting for the last 5 years.  Michigan is going through so tough economic times and that is being felt in a number of areas.
   Instead of hanging art the 11th, I helped other artists take down work that had been up.  The feelings that day were varied, to say the least.  But I decided to look inward, instead of letting what I could not change bring me down, go on and just plan for another.

  What I learned I thought I would share....and today is tip one: 
Take some time on a regular basis and sort you work. 
   Look at what you have old and new, spread them out and compare.
Then ask your self questions.
Has your style changed?
Do some older paintings still look compatible with newer ones?
Does your work have a theme that is consistent?
Is there work you have been saving just because, at the time you painted them they were favorites?
If so are they still that important to you now?
  Now find a location where you can hang your picks up and see how they group.
I used a stairway hall.
Let them hang together for awhile and re-evaluate the again. 
I have newer plans and ideas, and think the future will only get better...amazing for me ...a good change,
generally I am not an optimistic person.

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  1. Great that you had your first solo show. Not so great it was cancelled. I'm glad you were able to take it as a learning experience. Good luck on future shows.